Adelaide Oval / Tarntanya Wama (Park 26)

Adelaide Oval / Tarntanya Wama (Park 26)

The Kaurna translation of tarntanya wama is Adelaide Oval; derived from the word for Adelaide (tarntanya) and the word for plain (wama).

As well as being home to Adelaide Oval, Tarntanya Wama has many significant Park Land areas within its boundaries, including Light’s Vision, Stella Bowen Park, Pennington Gardens West, Creswell Gardens, Pinky Flat, Elder Park and the Barr Smith Walk.

  • Light’s Vision is the statue of Colonel Light that sits at the corner of Montefiore and Pennington Road. Jacob Montefiore (1801-95) was a member of the South Australian Colonisation Association formed to settle the state.  It is also known as Montefiore Hill.
  • Stella Bowen Park is named after Stella Bowen – an official war artist during World War Two who was born in North Adelaide and is represented in several art galleries in Australia.
  • Pennington Gardens West is the garden area named in honour of Colonisation Commissioner James Pennington.
  • Creswell Gardens is the area outside the main gates of Adelaide Oval named after John Creswell; an Adelaide businessman with a strong passion for cricket who served as secretary of the South Australian Cricket Association (SACA) from 1883-1909.
  • Pinky Flat is the area north of the river and south of War Memorial Drive and was named in 1959.
  • Elder Park, formerly Rotunda Park, is the area south of the river renamed in 1907 in recognition of Sir Thomas Elder (1863-1941) who donated the rotunda.
  • Barr Smith Walk is named after Sir Thomas Barr Smith (1863-1941) who donated funds to undertake landscape works and a path along the south side of the River.

The English names for various parts of this park remain.  The Kaurna name only applies to the park as a whole.

Take a closer look at the Adelaide Park Lands on this map.

Fun Fact

Footy fever – Over 800,000 visits to the Adelaide Oval each year and rising.

Did You Know?

Pinky Flat was the unlikely name for the Park which hosted the Queen Mother’s tea party in March 1966.

Picture Adelaide 2040

"I like the park between King William and Kintore Streets. The grass is really green. It is a place I can fully relax when I'm tired."