Bragg Park / Ngampa Yarta (Park 5)

Bragg Park / Ngampa Yarta (Park 5)

Ngampa Yarta is a Kaurna word which refers to a type of native vegetable eaten by Kaurna people at the time of Adelaide’s establishment.  The family of scientific pioneers Sir William Henry Bragg and his son, Sir William Lawrence Bragg, lived at the park’s nearby Lefevre Terrace in the late 1800s. The pair were awarded the joint Nobel Prize in 1915 for their work on x-rays.

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Fun Fact

More than 50,000 dogs bark in the park at the North Adelaide Dog Park each year.

Did You Know?

Until Lefevre Road was built in the 1980s, this Park used to be part of a larger park with Park 4.

Picture Adelaide 2040

"The dog park represents everything I love; it has a real sense of community where everyone talks to each other."