Ellis Park / Tampawardli (Park 24)

Ellis Park / Tampawardli (Park 24)

The Kaurna translation of tampawardli is plain place or home on the plains due to the collection of tents which formed Emigration Square in the 1830s and 1840s. Val Bertram Harold Ellis served as City of Adelaide Director of Parks and Recreation from 1966-83. The name extends over the entire park, with Ellis Park Road running through the centre of It.

The park contains sporting fields, tennis courts, the Adelaide Park Lands trail, as well as Adelaide High School. 

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Fun Fact

There are 127,000 uses by school kids in this park each year.

Did You Know?

This Park was home to Emigration Square – a temporary camp for migrants arriving between 1837-1849.

Picture Adelaide 2040

"We always enjoy Ellis Park in the western Park Lands. We're an outdoorsy family and we go there 2 - 3 times a week for soccer practice and games."