Gladys Elphick Park / Narnungga (Park 25)

Gladys Elphick Park / Narnungga (Park 25)

Narnungga translates to native pine place. This name was adopted due to the likely location of the native pine. Gladys Elphick was a prominent Kaurna elder who was founding president of the Council of Aboriginal Women of South Australia (1964-73), known as a strong advocate for Kaurna women.

The park features several multi-purpose sporting fields that are used by people from across the metropolitan area for sports including AFL, cricket, lacrosse and tennis.

Take a closer look at the Adelaide Park Lands on this map.

Fun Fact

Howzat! Over 1,500 wickets fall in this park each summer.

Did You Know?

Until 1912 the Park Lands used to be home to a slaughterhouse and cattle yards.

Picture Adelaide 2040

"One of the best examples of Park Land regeneration in Adelaide.  It has wetlands, a natural amphitheatre, a native forest and some great examples of funky artwork."