Hurtle Square / Tangkaira

Hurtle Square / Tangkaira

Tangkaira or ‘Charlotte’, from the Clare District, was the wife of Ityamai-itpina (Kaurna Elder) and James Hurtle Fisher was the first Resident Commissioner of South Australia, the first Mayor of Adelaide and the first resident South Australian to be knighted.

The square contains the public art installation ‘The Forest of Dreams’. 

Take a closer look at the Adelaide Park Lands on this map.



Fun Fact

Over 50,000 people visit Hurtle Square / Tangkaira each year.

Did You Know?

The Square was fenced until 1924 to keep out dogs …and cows!   

Picture Adelaide 2040

Hurtle Square / Tangkaira is quiet and serene despite the traffic. I love the trees and the green grass. It is such a beautiful place to sit and take in what Adelaide has to offer."