Palmer Gardens / Pangki Pangki

Palmer Gardens / Pangki Pangki

Pangki Pangki was a Kaurna tracker and guide who accompanied early officials Moorhouse and Tollmer up the Murray River to Lake Bonney and the Rufus River, and Colonel George Palmer (1799-1883) was a South Australian Colonisation Commissioner.

As devised by Colonel Light and shown on his plan as “Palmer Place”, Palmer Gardens / Pangki Pangki is an integral component of the Adelaide Plan.

The strong Victorian character of both the open, garden setting, wide surrounding roads and ornate residences creates an atmosphere that’s unique to Adelaide.

A dominant feature is the wide axial pedestrian pathway route connecting Kermode Street to the Christ Church laneway / Jeffcott Street that has existed since the 1860s.

In 1909 a user survey recorded 957 adults and 779 children using Palmer Gardens on weekdays and 25 and 26 respectively using it on Sundays.