Possum Park / Pirltawardli (Park 1)

Possum Park / Pirltawardli (Park 1)

The Kaurna translation of Pirltawardli is possum place.

This park is home to the North Adelaide Golf Course, which has three separate courses: two 18-hole courses to challenge experienced golfers and a Par 3 course ideal for casual golfers.

Located in North Adelaide, the park has space for people to take a leisurely walk with a great view of the city, or play a hit of tennis on the public courts.

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Fun Fact

Almost seven million golf balls are hit in this park each year.

Did You Know?

After protests in 1923, women could play golf on Saturdays until 12.30pm and after 3pm!

Picture Adelaide 2040

"I enjoy playing golf at the North Adelaide Golf Course. It's a really scenic course, and a great place to catch up with mates."