Red Gum Park / Karrawirra (Park 12)

Red Gum Park / Karrawirra (Park 12)

Karrawirra translates to Red Gum in Kaurna language, and is home to Peace Park. The park contains several memorials, and is also the location of several sports fields; including the Linear Trail which runs adjacent to the River Torrens. 

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Fun Fact

There are almost 300,000 visits to this park each year.

Did You Know?

The River Torrens is Karrawirra Pari to the Kaurna people and was the site for meetings and corroborees.

Picture Adelaide 2040

"I like to come here, on the banks of The River Torrens, and sit during my lunch breaks because it's close-by, relaxing and quiet and the scenery is awesome."