Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi (Park 16)

Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi (Park 16)

At 72 hectares, Victoria Park /  Pakapakanthi is the largest segment of the Adelaide Park Lands. Pakapakanthi is the Kaurna word for trotting, and refers to the former use of this park as a racecourse from 1846-2007.  Queen Victoria reigned from 1837 until her death in 1901.

The park is characterised by an expansive internal open space affording significant views towards the Adelaide Hills and City.

Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi has great views across its enormous expanse to the huge gum trees on the other side of the Park. It's a great place to exercise your dog, work out or ride your bike.

If you have a bit of spare time in Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi , make sure you try the new Velo Cafe, located just beneath the heritage-listed grandstand. It features a kids play area and a full cafe menu, with Italian deli style lunches to eat in or take-away. Want to get active after your meal? Try the Velo-spin area, a newly installed high-tech indoor training studio. 

Find out what activities are coming up in Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi 

All users of Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi  and in particular the Criterium Track are advised to check what activities are booked in before using the track, to avoid disappointment when arriving on site. 

If you check the activity calendar and see that a booking is in place, please respect the booking and stay off the track. 

Download the Winter calendar to find out what activities are on the horizon (PDF)

Criterium Track

This 1.3km race track is predominantly used for cycling during the summer months and also makes up a significant part of the Clipsal 500 Circuit. It can be broken in to two loops the pit straight and the front straight which are both approximately 1.2km in length.

Who can use it?

The race track is open to the whole community except when booked exclusively for an event. Regular users of the track include Cycling SA, Norwood Cycling Club, Skinny Lattes Cycling Club, International Pedal Prix, VLCC and SA Masters Cycling Association.

Are there directions for use?

SLOW ZONE- A slow zone that stretches the entire length of the track in front of the Heritage Grandstand has now been introduced.  Cyclists/pedal prix vehicles must slowdown in this area due to the high number of pedestrians using this space.   This slow zone will be signed so users are aware of when they can gather speed again.  The slow zone area does not apply for booked, organised races taking place on the track but will apply to any training sessions or members of the community utilising the track for laps.

The following instructions also apply when using the track:

  • Always use the track in a clockwise direction.
  • Only Authorised vehicles are permitted in Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi  – please close park entry gate behind you.
  • Organisers of a closed cycling event may change this procedure at their discretion
  • If a cycling event is in progress hi-vis marshals will advise/ direct (see areas marked “M” on map above).
  • Cyclists are required to wear an approved bicycle helmet.
  • Lights must be used before sunrise or after sunset.
  • Keep to the left if travelling slowly; avoid sudden braking or changing direction.
  • Unauthorised motor vehicles and remote control equipment are not permitted on the track.

Who has right of way on the track?

Cyclists have right of way when using the track. Dogs are not permitted off-leash when the track is in use by one or more cyclist.  People using this facility do so at their own risk.

How much does it cost to book for an event?

You can hire the track for $49.50 (minimum of 4 hours $12.38 per hour thereafter) on weekdays or $72.60 (minimum of 4 hours $18.15 per hour thereafter). To enquire about booking the track call City of Adelaide on 8203 7203. 

Dog Off-Leash Area

The dog off-leash area is now even larger in Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi . To keep your dog safe, please be mindful of the Criterium Cycling Race Track and always put your dog on leash on or near the track when it is in use by a cyclist.

The entire park east of the north-south sealed pathway (Park Lands Trail) to be dog off-leash except when:

  • The Criterium track is in use by any cyclist;
  • The premium field, southern sports fields or any other approved area is in use for a sporting event, game or training activity;
  • In either case dogs must be on leash within 50 metres of these facilities and/or activities.

Dogs must also be on-leash at all times west of the Park Lands Trail.

Download our flyer (double-sided) to view the full dog off-leash areas.


Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi  has a number of facilities including:

  • Criterium Race Track
  • Premium Sports Field & Heritage Grandstand
  • Southern Sports Fields
  • Fitness Loop & Sweat Track
  • Petanque Piste

Find out more about the Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi  facilities (PDF)

Personal Training

The City of Adelaide has a permit system in place to help support all fitness activities in the Park Lands. The permit system gives you access to support & backing from Fitness Australia, the ability to advertise your fitness session to over 7,000 people each month on the City of Adelaide What’s On calendar and an allocated and well-maintained area that is suitable for your business.

Read the FAQ's about our Personal Training permits (PDF)

Find out more about eligibility and how to apply for a permit.

Major Events

A number of major and medium events take place in the park annually, with other one-off events also using the park. Currently the major annual events are:

  • Australian International 3 Day Event (November)
  • Polo in the City (December)
  • Toy Run (December)
  • Pedal Prix (June & July)
  • Colour Run (September)
  • Clipsal 500 (March)

Major events vary to what degree they restrict access to areas of the park and pathways during their occupation. Residents will mostly be advised of impending impacts via letterbox drops and pre-notification signage. The Council’s Events Team can assist residents to be more aware of what events are coming up by adding them to a monthly email distribution list.

Download: Summer 2018 Calendar (PDF)

Model Aircraft Area

Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi is the only area in the Adelaide City Park Lands (during daylight hours) where the flying of model aircraft and drones for 'recreational' purposes is permitted (subject to public events and sporting activities). Model aircraft activity for recreational use in Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi can only be conducted south of the central gardens, and south of the southern sports fields and trail (when sporting activity is underway).

Further information on City of Adelaide’s model aircraft guidelines, permissions and designated areas are provided here.

Our management conditions are adopted from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) who are responsible for the governance of Model Aircraft/Drones. CASA recommend that any incident where a pilot is not following the conditions be reported to the Police, who can take the pilots details.  There is a an ‘Unsafe drone flying complaint form’ that can be submitted to CASA who will then follow up with the pilot and take necessary action. This form requires the pilot to be identified. You can submit the form here

Please contact City of Adelaide if you have any concerns on 8203 7203. In an emergency call 000.