Wellington Square / Kudnartu

Wellington Square / Kudnartu

Kudnartu (also known as Kudnarto) was the name of a Kaurna ancestor from the Clare district.  As well as being a Kaurna ancestor, her marriage to Tom Adams was the first official Aboriginal/settler marriage in South Australia.  Arthur Wellesley was the first Duke of Wellington (1769-1852), defeated Napolean at Waterloo and was responsible for Colonel Light’s appointment.

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Fun Fact

Colonel William Light, a member of the Street Naming Committee, had briefly served under Wellington as a junior staff officer.

Did You Know?

After protests in 1923, women could play golf on Saturdays until 12.30pm and after 3pm!

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"I have been blessed to have Welly Sq as my front yard on and off for the last 30 years."