Whitmore Square / Iparrityi

Whitmore Square / Iparrityi

Iparrityi was born in the 1840s in Port Adelaide, and is often referred to as ‘the last woman of the Adelaide Tribe’ who is also known as a legendary figure.  Mr W Wolryche Whitmore (1787-1858) was one of the Colonisation Commissioners and a member of the House of Commons, who brought the South Australia Act before the House of Commons on behalf of the South Australian Association.

The square sits in the south-west corner of the city and is home to a basketball ring, table tennis and a giant chess board.

Take a closer look at the Adelaide Park Lands on this map.


Fun Fact

There are almost 400 check mates on the giant chess board in the Square each year.

Did You Know?

This Square is named after the last original speaker of the Kaurna language.

Picture Adelaide 2040

"Tranquility for those who want to rest quietly or read a book, basketball and table tennis for the more energetic, and a giant chess board for brain training!"