Yam Daisy Park / Kantarilla (Park 3)

Yam Daisy Park / Kantarilla (Park 3)

The Kaurna translation of Yam Daisy or kandara root is Kantarilla, which was a regular food source for Kaurna people at the time of Adelaide’s establishment.

This park contains an abundance of native vegetation, and while there are no permanent facilities, it is a designated off-leash area for dogs. 

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Fun Fact

Hundreds of commuters take a short cut through this quiet park on their daily walk to work.

Did You Know?

The name Kantarilla takes its origin from the Kandara, which was a native vegetable said to resemble a radish, and a regular food source for the Kaurna people.

Picture Adelaide 2040

"It’s great to be surrounded by nature so close to the City and not have to worry about traffic."