Beat the winter blues

Beat the winter blues

It’s that time of the year again; dark mornings, low temperatures, and shorter days that encourage the desire to stay indoors and hibernate.  Beating the winter blues may be easier than you think; we reveal our best tips!

If you’re feeling ‘under the weather’, you’re not alone. Chances are that someone you know is also affected by the winter blues and may be experiencing a lack of motivation, low energy, and in some cases even a mild form of depression. Overcoming this however may be as simple as changing perspective and trying out new things. Start with these five.

Challenge your body

Exercising outdoors when it’s cold and wet may sound brutal but it comes with some perks! Regular exposure to sunlight even on cloudy days will boost your production of vitamin D and increase your serotonin; that’s your happiness hormone!  As the body works harder in winter, metabolism also increases which naturally enables you to burn more calories than you would in the warmer months.  Wondering where to start? If you love cycling, join Keith Conlon for a relaxed ride around the city and the Adelaide Park Lands on Wednesdays at 9am. Are you a runner?  The 5km timed Torrens park run at 8am on Saturdays could be an energising start to your weekend. If you prefer a less structured but equally challenging workout you can’t go past the variety of fitness equipment available at Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi and the north Park Lands. Release those endorphins; for a complete list of free and low cost fitness activities in the city and Park Lands join the Active Ambassador network.


Being fully present in the moment and practicing stillness even for as little as ten minutes a day can make a significant difference to how you handle winter fatigue. A favourite destination noted for it’s tranquil setting is Himeji Garden (Peppermint Park / Wita Wirra) located in the south Park Lands; a pocket oasis in the heart of the city! Follow the paved path all the way to the timber and thatch area where you can peacefully sit and meditate whilst you let your gaze effortlessly drift to a sea of sand.  Or, sit by the lake, close your eyes and focus on the gentle sounds of the waterfall. Find it on the map and book a tour with the Park Lands Ranger on (08) 8203 7483.


Get creative

Disrupt your pattern with creativity. Rug up, grab your camera and let the fun begin. With a number of picture-perfect locations, there is no limit to the amount of breathtaking images you could capture, from the hundred year old, giant fig trees at the Adelaide Botanic Garden, to the lush green landscape at Veale Gardens, and Anton Hart’s public artwork ‘The forest of dreams’ at Hurtle Square / Tangkaira.

Have ‘me-time’, and have it often

Enjoy your morning coffee whilst taking a brisk walk at Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi.  City and outer metropolitan residents love the open space, the cycling trails and the dog-off-leash areas at Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi, with many referring to their daily visit as their irreplaceable ‘me-time’. Finding it hard to get out of the office? Diarise your ‘me-time’ at the beginning of the week; start a ritual - what does it look like? It could be a 10 minute walk before the start of the day, or a regular lunch break in the fresh air, comfortably watching the world go by.

Connect with nature

If you’re feeling the winter blues, chances are the kids are feeling them too! Blessed with climbing trees, adventurous playgrounds, numerous creeks and an abundance of biodiversity sites, the Adelaide Park Lands offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor play and connection with nature. Unstructured outdoor play and immersion in nature are important for the physical, mental and emotional well-being of children and can be highly entertaining especially in winter. You can have fun splashing in muddy puddles, or playing hide-and-seek amongst the majestic Moreton Bay Fig trees at the Adelaide Botanic Garden. Imagination is key!  For more structured play, visit the Bonython Park / Tulya Wardli playground where you can experience a large human hamster wheel, the climbing spider net and the thrills of the flying fox. Click here for a map and a full list of Adelaide playgrounds.


Beat the winter blues and join the conversation. Out and about enjoying winter activities? Snap a photo, post to twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #ParkLands