Feel good instantly

Feel good instantly

From yoga and meditation to cycling and fitness in the park, our expert how-to guides and programs will help you feel good, instantly!

The never ending quest to feel good daily can be hindered by stress and an imbalanced lifestyle. With some proactive planning, small adjustments to your daily routine and a weekly dose of activity in the Adelaide Park Lands, you’ll be on your way to feeling good…instantly; start by following these tips.

Prioritise ‘me-time’

A hectic lifestyle along with daily commitments often means you forget to prioritise the most important person in your life; yourself! Prioritising ‘me-time’ in your schedule even for as little as 15 minutes a day can improve your daily outlook and support you with the mental strength that’s required to handle challenging days. Take time out and enjoy your morning coffee whilst taking a stroll in the endless sea of green at Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi. Plan a weekly lunch break at one of the majestic Moreton Bay Fig trees at Adelaide Botanic gardens, or simply relax and look up at the sky by the river banks of River Torrens.

Embrace the sunlight

Sunlight is nature’s free mood enhancer and it is available all year round -even on cloudy days. Just fifteen minutes of sunlight can stimulate your body’s production of vitamin D and lift your serotonin levels. Step outside, take a breather and almost instantly you will start to feel relaxed and happier. Remove the walls out of work or study and bring your books or lap top outside at the Adelaide University riverbank; one of the most popular spots to enjoy the sunlight.

Slow down

How often do you get the opportunity to practice stillness? Slowing down the mind and removing the noise may sound challenging but with practice it can help you beat fatigue and re-energise you on the spot. Located in the south Park Lands, Himeji garden is Adelaide’s best kept secret and a favourite destination for tranquillity and peace. This Japanese style garden is a pocket oasis in the heart of the city, ideal for daily meditation, yoga or quiet contemplation.

Become active

Exercising is great for maintaining physical and mental well-being; exercising at the Park Lands however is even greater as your oxygen intake increases dramatically, and your eyes can feast on the abundant natural landscapes. Not a fan of the gym? Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi and the north Park Lands (Bullrush Park / Warnpangga and Mistletoe Park / Tainmuntilla) are the home for free outdoor fitness equipment that is available all year round and they’re designed to offer a full workout that is adjustable to suit all fitness levels.  For low cost and free group fitness activities visit the Active Ambassador network for a monthly calendar of events!