Fitness in the Park Lands

Fitness in the Park Lands

Visit the Park Lands at any time of the year and you will notice that there's a lot of fitness activity happening throughout the day; but did you know that the Park Lands are also the home for outdoor fitness equipment that is accessible all year round, and it's free!

There are significant benefits to exercising outdoors. Most notably, the unlimited access to fresh air which can completely transform a workout through deep intakes of oxygen. Sunlight also plays a dual role in helping your Vitamin D levels stay at an optimum level, and it's been proven that regular and safe exposure to sunlight can increase your daily happiness.

Vary your workout; try the free fitness equipment

With the Active Ambassador network, there is a wide choice of free and low cost fitness activities you can join throughout the week. From yoga, group fitness classes, and cyclocross to name a few, but if you prefer a self paced work out you cannot go past the outdoor fitness equipment located in Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi and the Uni Loop. 

This outdoor fitness equipment can provide an excellent work out, giving you the ability to do stretching, cardiovascular, and even muscle conditioning exercises, as our personal trainer Luc, tells us.

Want to know more? Click below to watch the fitness equipment guide.

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